Strong Enforcement is Smart Policy for A Country of Immigrants

First a caveat, I think our immigration policy should be tempered with compassion and err on the side of a humane and rational implementation.

Second, if you came to this country as a minor, brought here by your parents before you were able to make your own choices, your ability to become a citizen should be expedited.

Third, If you are now an adult and have not otherwise broken the law, you should have an opportunity to begin the citizenship process, but an opportunity with limits. Three to five years should be adequate enough to earn enough money to pay for the cost. Demonstrating a desire for citizenship by a willingness to bear the burden of earning it is a reasonable and humane opportunity.

Lastly, if you are in this country without proper documentation or otherwise lawful reason, you are an ILLEGAL ALIEN and are subject to deportation. (But see the above compromise.)

With that said, two stories in the Boston Globe caught my eye.

“Boston Officers worked closely with ICE”


“Democratic Mayor Marty Walsh has since proposed strengthening the city ordinance limiting police involvement in immigration matters.”

Laws are the purvey of legislatures and Congress. The decision to enforce these laws is NOT subject to arbitrary discretion of law enforcement or the Executive Branch.

They certainly can petition for changes to the law as it best serves the public interest but choosing to ignore them is not an option.  Such inconsistent enforcement is fraught with problems.

If the Boston police, or any law enforcement agency, in the course of their duties, come across someone illegally in this country they have an obligation to notify ICE, not just ignore it because of some misguided political correctness which has clouded the issue.

Take up the changes to make our immigration policy humane. Elect people to office who will seek rational and reasoned changes to Immigration laws and the process of becoming a citizen. But do not allow misguided and ill-considered abandonment of responsibilities to guide policy.

Immigrants have always played an important role in making America great. To lose out on what those who come here seeking a new life have to offer would be a loss. But to ignore the responsibility of insuring those who come here have the best of intentions is a mistake. A firm and fair immigration policy, with adequate enforcement across all agencies at the local, state, and federal level, is essential

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