An Open Letter to Presidential Candidate Joe Biden


Promise Me, Joe





Before America puts its fate in your hands, we need some assurances. You, more so than most candidates, including the incumbent, appreciate the enormous burdens and responsibilities facing the President of the United States. While you can tell us what you want to accomplish, anyone with any common sense understands how the realities of the world can change the best of intentions. With that in mind I’d like you to promise me some things.



Promise me, Joe.



Promise me, Joe, you will run a campaign focusing on the issues facing America not wallow in the infantile churlish behavior of name calling twitter wars.



Promise me, Joe, you will act in accordance with what is in
the best interest of the American people not what tracks with any political agenda or
platform yet always bearing in mind we are part of the world at large.



Promise me, Joe, you will remember we have a government comprising
three equal powers and you will treat them with the same dignity and respect
you expect for the office you seek.



Promise me, Joe, you will work to embrace bi-partisan
cooperation with Congress. Do not seek Congressional acquiescence seek their
input into developing policies and laws which lead America out of the morass of
the past few years.  



Promise me, Joe, you will restore the dignity and respect
for the Office of the President so callously and foolishly twittered away over
the past few years.



Promise me, Joe, you will form policies that protect America
without losing our willingness to embrace those in need.



Promise me, Joe, you will never put children in cages no
matter what resources it may take to accomplish this. Of all the disasters of policy,
this is the most troubling.



Promise me, Joe, you will not waste time attacking the media
or your critics but focus on addressing legitimate problems the freedom of the
press uncovers and valid criticisms raised.



Promise me, Joe, you will not waste time talking about
making America great again but foster the things that have always made us



Promise me, Joe, you will restore America’s standing in the
eyes of the world not threaten and challenge to promote jingoistic and
nationalist propaganda.



Promise me, Joe, you will foster a global approach to policy
recognizing the inherent right of all people, regardless of their race,
religion, sexual orientation, or national origin, to live in a peaceful world
with a fair opportunity to thrive.



Promise me, Joe, you will renew the promise of the
enlightenment where intelligent discourse arrives at solutions based on rational
in-depth analysis.



Promise me, Joe, you will select Supreme Court candidates not
for their willingness to promote your policies but for their fealty to the Constitution
of the United States.



Promise me, Joe, you will work diligently to ensure the
rights of women to control their own bodies is not usurped by selfish religious
fervor disguised as concern for others.



Promise me, Joe, you will wield the enormous military power
of this country to defend us, our allies, and those who cannot defend
themselves. Never to intimidate, cajole, or terrorize others.



Promise me, Joe, you will recapture the spirit of those
great men who have gone before you into the Office of the President and “Let
every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any
price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in
order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”



Promise me, Joe, we will no longer be the nation once described by a former ally who said, “It is hard to be America’s enemy, but it is harder to be her friend.”



Promise me, Joe, it will never once again be difficult to be
America’s friend and you will lead the nation with a firm but fair hand, with a
bent toward compassion, and with willingness to ensure the continuity of the greatness
of America.



Promise me, Joe, you will remember the greatness of America comes not from our power as a nation but from the American people themselves.



Promise me, Joe. There has never been a greater time in history
when the world needs to know America is that bright, shining city on the hill.



Promise me, Joe.


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