Cold War Redux

Let’s assume for the moment that President Trump is correct in his assertion that there was no collusion between his campaign and the Russians during the 2016 campaign. Indeed, to this point, there is nothing but conjecture and innuendo to show any such collusion.

PutinLet’s accept that premise.

Let us also agree that there is compelling evidence that the Russians intentionally interfered with the 2016 election seeking to prevent Hillary Clinton from being elected President. I think this is a legitimate contention. Not certain, but less speculative than most other scenarios.

Which leads us to the question, why did the Russians go to such extreme lengths to interfere in the election and derail Hillary Clinton’s candidacy?

Let’s consider the question.

While there would have been minor differences in Clinton’s domestic policies compared to President Obama’s, her foreign policies would likely have been much different. She might have sought to alter or solidify the Iranian nuclear agreement, take a harder stance on North Korea, or (here’s the key) enforced the sanctions against Russia as voted on by Congress. (

As it has turned out, the Trump administration did exactly that, deciding not to impose sanctions. (

President Trump also makes another viable contention. The Russian interference began as early as 2014, long before he announced his candidacy when it was clear that Hillary Clinton was favored (as it turned out, the fix was in) to win the Democratic nomination and, at that point, the Presidency.

If these reasonable and defensible points are factual, then the Russians feared a Clinton presidency more than any other candidate back in 2014. One could conclude they saw Mr. Trump’s later entry into the process in the same light. Better for Russian interests.

If this is the case, one can also suggest one of two probable corollaries. Mr. Trump’s campaign actively worked with the Russians to secure their own purpose or were duped by the Russians.

Either one is troubling.

Divining Russian motives is not an exact science, but once again we can rely on ole’ Occam’s razor for guidance. Look for the simplest explanation.

Любой, кроме Хиллари (Anyone but Hillary)

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