Two Cops got Shot the Other Day

Two Boston Cops got shot the other day


Not one street protest about how their lives matter.

Not one demand for stricter controls on the kind of person who shot them or the weapons he used.

No crowds of thousands holding hands and praying.

No chanting of “No Justice, No Peace.”

Three families face their worst nightmare. The two officers’ families and the bigger family that is the thin blue line.

The only ones that seem to care are those cops that ran toward gunfire when everyone else ran away.

Where do we find such people willing to risk their lives to save others?

Most of the world hid or tried to video it with cell phones, while brave men and women ran into the line of fire.

They face these dangers alone, comforted only by a thin blue line.

The media will take notice, for fifteen seconds, then resume covering some divorce nonsense of people paid to pretend to be something they are not.

Sorry if we inconvenienced watching “The Voice” or the rest of the drivel that most are so enamored with.

Two cops got shot the other day and there was hardly a pause in this callous world.

3 thoughts on “Two Cops got Shot the Other Day

  1. I noticed. And I noticed the two recently killed out here in Palm Springs – one just returned from maternity leave, the other two and a half months away from retiring. So very sad.

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    Six Cops got shot the Other Day. And once again mostly ignored by the vast majority of America. I wrote this piece 10 months ago when 2 Boston cops were shot. Now six more have been shot, two have died.
    It rated a tweet from the President and an honorable mention in the news. Some things never change about the value of certain lives….

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