Dealing with things…

For those of you who read my postings here, you may have noticed a somewhat fatalistic, contemplative, and nostalgic flavor of late.

I have struggled with the right way to talk about this.  I decided to let each of you deal with this in your own way, as I have.

I suffer from a rare condition known as Odifrigorisanoma.

The only treatment is experimental and daunting, yet there is a chance. There is always a chance.

The outcome may be uncertain, but I will face it as best I can. By the time you read this, the regimen of treatment will already have begun.

On January 9th, I will board a flight to Aruba to endure the unendurable.

The treatment, uncertain as it may be, requires lying in the warm Caribbean sun, walking on beaches, and drinking cold drinks.

For days on end.

I am prepared for this challenge.

I am committed to seeing this through.

I am optimistic.

Whatever the course this takes, know that you were on my mind through it all.

So I go off to face Odifrigorisanoma (from the Latin,  Odi (I Hate) Frigoris (Cold Weather) I added the anoma part for dramatic emphasis. Imagine, if you will, ominous music playing in the background and Rod Serling narrating.)

Whatever fate has in store, I accept it. I go willingly into that sunset toward the great happy hour of the unknown.

There is a gofundme site if you would like to contribute and help defray the cost of suntan lotion, parasailing, drinks, and buffets. (

My personal physician, in a remarkable demonstration of professional dedication, will accompany me to supervise the treatment. Thank you, Dr. P for all you do. He will assist in selecting appropriate dining locations as well as dealing with other matters. Risking his own dangerous exposure to the sun as he seeks a cure.

He advises that my state of mind is critical to successful treatment. Sending me images of friends shoveling snow, chipping ice off windshields, snowdrifts, whiteout conditions, blizzards, reports of record low temperatures, or any other images of how miserable the weather is at home will help. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing. (Keep in mind innocent eyes may see your response here.)

I can feel your warm thoughts as you read this (or maybe it is the sun. Halleluja! It is working.) Thank you from the bottom of my sun-warmed heart.

I look forward to celebrating my survival and thanking you all for your support upon my return, should fortune shine favorably on me.

Yours in the warmth and the sun.

Joe B.

P. S. Stay warm,:)  I will.

P.P. S. If any of you did a Google search for Odifrigorisanoma before you got to the good part, let me know, it would be very heartwarming that you care so much to see what was doing me in. Or perhaps checking to see if it is contagious? No matter you cared enough to check. 

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Cheers.

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