Learning About Life from Yorkies

We have two Yorkies, Ralph and Max.

Ralph and Max As you can see from this image.  They enjoy doing nothing.  They quite enjoy it, actually.  We can learn much from their approach to a happy life.

The rules are simple.

Upon awaking in the morning they require either a walk or to be let out into the fenced in back yard, depending on where they are staying.  During the walk, or release, they require plants, trees, fences, or any other inanimate object exhuming interesting odors, preferably of the urine of another dog, so they can then impose their superior position and mark accordingly.

The next step, demonstrates the slight differences in the two.  Max simply runs until the next in the normal bodily elimination process commences, stops wherever he is, completes the project, and continues on.  Sometimes starting off prior to actual completion.

Ralph uses a more deliberative approach.  Turning and turning and turning and turning in circles until he has establish the precisely perfect position, angle, and landing zone.  Remaining motionless during the delivery, then artfully disguising the evidence with leaves and sticks, using the motion resembling a a center snapping the football, to prevent it being disturbed by any other creature.

The next critical step is for them to receive these unnaturally green colored objects, resembling human toothbrushes, which they devour in seconds.  The purpose is to assist in improving their breath.  To steal a line I heard in a movie once, their breath smells like an old lady fart filtered through an onion.  The green thing faces a Herculean task.

Then, they consume a 1/4 can of dog food each (remember they are small dogs) and they are content.

They waddle over to their bed and promptly fall asleep.  This, mind you, is after only being awake for about 30 minutes after sleeping at least 8 hours.

After napping, Ralph does enjoy being chased while he carries a soccer ball like soft toy.  He revels in his ability to put himself on one side of an object, just out of reach, and maintaining this position as you run around.  He considers this high art.

Max, sits and watches.  Once in a while, Max decides to take the toy from Ralph and run like a maniac throughout the house, occasionally stopping to show Ralph he has taken possession of the toy, causing another round of chasing.

He seems to enjoy torturing Ralph this way.

Other than that, they require nothing.  They enjoy their life.  No Wifi, no big screen TV, no cars (although they do enjoy riding in one and putting the windows down), no iPads, Nike sneakers, nothing.

Their secret is to enjoy being alive because they are alive.  That’s it.  Simple needs, simple things, happy lives.

We can learn a lot from two Yorkies.

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