Our Nation’s Priorities are a Mystery to Me

A Pennsylvania Trooper was shot and killed the other day, and another Trooper wounded. Ho Hum says the national media and most Americans.

The troopers signed up for the job.

It goes with the territory.


Where’s the nationwide outrage, the 24/7 media coverage, the moment by moment analysis of the investigation, the demand for justice and an end to such tragedies?

Ho Hum, it’s just a couple of cops that got shot.

There are no juicy racial overtones to capture the short attention span of Americans.

There’s no Rev. Sharptons or Jacksons or whoever screaming that this must change.

I don’t know the whole story yet from Ferguson; no one does because the media coverage is a sham, but I do know one thing.

If the young man in Ferguson didn’t deserve to die for making a bad choice, then those two Troopers certainly don’t deserve what has happened to them for making the courageous choice to be cops.

And it would be nice if this country showed that to the men and women that wear the badge.

There was more media coverage of the iPhone 6 than the shooting and killing of a police officer.

Ho Hum.

Where have our priorities gone?

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