I Think I am a Person of Color

I don’t understand the idea of a “person of color”

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am, very much seasonally dependent, red, bright red, tan, pasty white, pink, and a variety of blends thereof.

But I am not without color.

I mean even dead people have color, it’s not a pretty, huggable, want to have it color, but it is a color.

I am not being facetious here.

To use such an imprecise descriptive phrase as some sort of a definitive demarcation of race seems petty and disingenuous.

I think it demeans the very injustices it is trying to define, and it has become its own stereotype.

It is a visual expression of multi-culturalism, it is in and of itself exclusionary.

I wish I had the perfect solution, the perfect way to differentiate those in society that have been marginalized, discriminated against from those who have not.

I do not.

I am lumped into the stereotype of being without color.

Just ask the people that know me, my skin is never without color.

But, inasmuch as I acknowledge the advantage my skin has given me, white is a color.

One thought on “I Think I am a Person of Color

  1. There is probably a fewer number in the “those who have not” if you include things other than color to be discriminated by.

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