Perhaps, but not certain?

I saw something the other day that gave me pause.

A new mega church is under construction near me.
There’s been a sign, partially hidden by overgrowth, announcing it’s imminent arrival for awhile. I guess extortion, ah collection, of tithe took longer than expected.
They have begun clearing the land of trees and the other native resident species (apparently dis-placeable members of creation).  Part of the Biblical decree to dominion over the earth and all it’s creatures.
Anyway, a large group of about 30 were gathered, heads bowed, hands folded.  Not absolutely certain, but it looked like praying .
I had to slow down as the cars were parked all over the sides of road.
Suddenly, one of those really good Southwest Florida bolts of lightning came out of the sky, followed instantly by an earth shaking thunder clap.
I thought it odd they all broke formation and ran for their cars. It wasn’t raining, clouds were still well off in the distance.
Then the thought occurred to me.
They were praying to God
An Omnipotent, Omniscient Being
A perfect being wouldn’t miss.
Or would he?  Could he?
Looked like lot of uncertainty running to those cars.

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