Opportunity and Character

My daughter is studying for the Bar. Not the two week Bartenders course exam, the one that earns you a license to either pursue ambulances or Justice.

I’ve written about her before and likely will again. It would be impossible to put in words how much we love her and how she has enriched our lives, but I undoubtedly will continue to try.

I have spent the last 26 years watching Kelsey rise to the occasion.

I have no doubt she’ll do it again.

Having been subjected to the continuous review of what seems like 15 Billion index cards she has created, (although no where near as often as her mother or the two spoiled Yorkies that are her constant companions), I wonder where she gets the energy to persevere.

But persevere she will, of this I am certain.

Opportunity is often limited in this world. Most waste them, a few embrace them.

We are fortunate to have a daughter that has maximized her opportunities.

She didn’t always succeed, but she has usually given it her best effort. And when she didn’t, she learned from the experience. It’s how character is built.

It’s easy to be a winner, true courage comes in rising from disappointment and defeat and trying again.

And again, and again.

So her success is already assured. She knows the secret.

Never Give Up!

I have no doubt of her success with this upcoming challenge.

She’ll pass because she is determined to do so, she’s made the effort, put in her time.

Come November 2013, when all is said and done, after devoting 26 years of our lives providing her with opportunity, and being rewarded by the pride in seeing all she has done to embrace these, we will be the artisans of just what the world needs.

Another Lawyer.

She’ll be a great one.

A Lawyer of character, determination, and courage.

Not perfect, but a person of quality forged by her own mettle.

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