Random thoughts and Oversells

Airline oversells

Every airline in the world routinely oversells their flights. For those of you that have never heard of the concept, airlines sell 140 seats for a plane that holds 137.

Why you may ask?

Because people often don’t show up for flights and the airlines want to fill all the seats.


Can you imagine this in other businesses……

Can I take your order sir?

Yes I’ll have three cheeseburgers to go

That will be 9 dollars

Here you go

Thank you, your order will be right up

Here you go, sir

But there’s only two?

I know, but we sold more hamburgers than we have available, I will be happy to give you a voucher for a future hamburger plus some additional money for the inconvenience.

But I am hungry now!

Well, you’ll be even hungrier then sir, thank you for your order.


Hi, I am enrolled in your college but I haven’t received my course list.

Ah, well we enrolled more people than we have room for but I’ll be happy to give you a spot in our next class.

But I want to be educated now

I realize that, but since people often don’t show up for class we have to do this.

Sorry, see you next class.


Hi, I am here to pick up my new car

Ah, sorry sir we sold more cars than we have available. I will be happy to put you on the top of the list for the next available car

But I need the car now.

I apologize sir, but we have no more available at the moment, we will be happy to get you the next available one.

Will that be today?

I doubt it sir


I have the feeling this has never happened to a member of Congress.

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