Time Travel

Imagine you are given the opportunity to travel in time, under the following conditions;

  1. You can go forward or backward without limitation
  2. You can remain for 24 hours
  3. You can travel anywhere, instantaneously
  4. You can understand any language
  5. You will see and hear everything but cannot affect, change, prevent, assist, warn, or alter anything or anyone
  6. You will see and hear but not be seen or heard
  7. You must report everything you have seen, completely and truthfully, upon your return
  8. You can only do this once

What time would you choose?

Would you sit on hill on a sunny December Sunday overlooking Pearl Harbor?

Or listen with your Grandparents as they learn the war is over?

Would you travel to Spain as an Italian Sea Captain speaks to the King and Queen?

Or look at sailing ships never before seen arrive on the North American shore for the first time?

Would you look on as Benedict Arnold sells his country, his honor, and his family name?

Or stand with Washington as he crosses the Potomac?

Would you listen as John F. Kennedy announces “we will go to the moon by the end of the decade”?

Or sit on a grassy knoll in Dallas in November as a figure in the window in the book depository changes history?

Would you walk with a German working in the Swiss Patent office as he discovers the theory of Special relativity?

Or listen as another German makes a speech in a coliseum in Nuremberg that propels the world to war?

Would you go 10,000 years into the future to see how man has evolved, or if he even survived?

Or travel back millions of years to watch dinosaurs walk on the earth as a comet darkens the sky?

Would you return 13.7 billion years to the time of the singularity?

Or return to the time of your own birth and experience your parent’s reaction?

Would you return to 6 B.C.E. to learn the truth of a virgin birth?

Or to 19th century upstate New York to see the Angel Moroni give the golden tablets to Joseph Smith?

Would you watch as the Inquisition compels Galileo to recant his doctrine of the sun at the center of the solar system and see if he utters the phrase “Eppur si muove”?

Would you return to the time of your child’s birth as the tears came to your eyes on seeing her smile for the first time?

Or travel to a time of your own youth to hear your mother’s voice call your name?

Would you travel to November, 1950 and stand on a frozen hillside overlooking  the Chosen Reservoir  in North Korea  to understand the demons that haunted your father’s nightmares?

Or look out as the first of the ships leading the invasion of Normandy come into German view?

Would you stand alongside Neil Armstrong as he guided the “Eagle” to the first moon landing?

Or sit next to Christa McAuliffe for the last few glorious moments?

Einstein’s theory of the Space-time continuum is that fabric of space and time can be bent by gravity.  The past, present, and future are “stubbornly persistent misconceptions”.  There is no past, present, or future but that they are all relative.

So take time to think if you could be truthful about what you heard and saw during your time travel?  It is not an easy answer

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