Another Person of Color Shot and Killed in a Police Involved Situation: Where’s the Outrage?

A person of color was killed the other day. Thirty years old, shot and killed for being the wrong color. The media coverage, non-existent.

The attention span of this country to this problem apparently exhausted.

We are more inclined to Twitter and Text and Facebook and Instagram reactions to a former NBA star’s overdose on cocaine and herbal Viagra while cavorting with hookers then on another senseless police involved death of a person of color.

The silence is deafening.

No White House press conference or immediate dispatch of officials to decry the violence.

No men of the cloth screaming about the injustice of this death.

No cries of publicity hungry hordes with #OnlySomeLivesMatter signs.

Nothing. Just another dead man of color.

Why the absence of outrage, the lack of virulent calls for justice, no demands for severe punishment for the perpetrator?

Because he was the wrong color. Officer Randolph Holt was a person of color in the blue uniform of a NYPD Officer. Shot by a man that a failed and corrupt justice system, controlled by callous Judges and attorneys with influence, put back on the street. A system focused on expediency rather than protecting us from those that would do harm.

A person of color died the other day, and no one gives a damn except his family and those that share the burden of the badge.

It is clear that #SomeLivesMatterMore