Greetings from somewhere in the Green Mountains. Just thought I would send off a quick note to reassure those of you that may have noticed I haven’t been writing much and that I am still alive.

I am on day three of a 19-20 day hike on the Long Trail in Vermont.  I thought I would spare you the inevitable WTH messages that would infect me as I began the hike.

You know, the

What the Hell am I doing this for?
Who the Hell put all these bugs here?
Why the Hell is everything uphill?
When the Hell will we get to the shelter?

And, most important;

Who the Hell’s idea was this?

Thus, I wrote this and scheduled it to go live while I get over the fact that is was my stupid idea to do this to myself.

By the time I get somewhere to update and post pictures, I’ll be back in the “I love this stuff” mode.

You’re welcome. Hope you are all dry, cozy, and well-fed in your nice safe lives.

If it turns out a bear ate me or I fell off a cliff, consider this an attempt at ironic humor.