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Forbidden Emotions: The Key to Healing by Marti Murphy, Published by JEBWizard Publishing
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Marti Murphy is an Emotional Fitness Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, and Psychosomatics Practitioner (Body/Mind Connection).
Marti has been a life-long spiritual junkie, but nothing worked until she identified her forbidden emotions.
She was exhausting herself “trying” to think positive, under highly stressful financial circumstances, and it wasn’t working. When she gave up “trying” to change, she accessed her forbidden emotions. Forbidden emotions that were attached to her most negative thoughts.
As she gave these emotions full expression, she felt better without “trying” to think positive, and her life changed for the better.
She now specializes in helping her clients resolve conflicts in their personal and business lives, opening their eyes to their forbidden emotions. This helps allow guidance and direction to come through, creating inspired action. As this happens, life unfolds with more grace and ease.

Where were you born?

 St. Louis, MO

When did you decide to write Forbidden Emotions: The Key to Healing?

The idea came to me about eight years ago and the more I worked with clients and did my own inner work, the more I started to see that the golden thread was suppressed emotions. Making ourselves wrong for feeling many of the emotions we feel.

What do you hope to accomplish with the book?

To raise awareness of what keeps us stuck in a cycle of failing or not being able to move forward despite our desire to do so. To help people find relief from self-judgment and learn to embrace this amazing palette of emotions we all came install with. To realize there are no wrong or bad emotions, there are just emotions that are intended to be felt. And to find the liberation and healing that comes from feeling fully.

Who should read the book? Who would you like to see read the book?

ANYONE that’s ever made themself wrong for who they are and how they feel and for not believing that are “succeeding” in life in the worldly way, we’re taught to believe we should succeed.

Do you have plans for another book?

Yes, for sure. The next book dives deeper into rekindling our connection to God, The Great Spirit, the Authentic Self, Fred Flinstone, The Dinosaurs or whatever you wish you call it.

What books are you reading now?

Outrageous Openness
A Course in Miracles Workbook
Everything is Here to Help You

Anything else you’d like to say to people reading this?

Yes, that there’s nothing wrong with you. That allowing yourself your unadulterated, unedited truth, in a safe and healthy way has the power to liberate you to learn to accept and even love ALL of you. Especially in the places you’ve judged yourself the most.


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