American Albatross

TrumpThe prescient genius of the founding fathers understood that the future may yield a President who might commit a crime, be subject to impeachment, and cause removal from office.

They provided a mechanism for it, even as they hoped their vision of America would bring the best and the brightest to the office of the President.

Yet, with all their foresight, they never expected that Americans would elect a moron, incapable of even the most basic understanding of decorum, behavior, and separation of powers.

We are led by an idiot in chief who, if he committed no crime, shows a complete contempt for the office of the Presidency and the nature of its power.

His supporters parse the words and downplay the impact. They point to Obama and Clinton getting away with things as somehow a rationale for excusing Mr. Trump. They seem to take premature comfort, based solely on Comey’s public testimony, the President committed no crime; the idiocy of what he did aside.

But this is more a marathon than a sprint. The self-inflicted damage to the Presidency is only now coming into view. The closed-door testimony will get out. The truth always does. One question remains, how far down will this President drag us all?

We can only hope this Presidential albatross around our neck will end well.  Like the words of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.

He went like one that hath been stunned, 

And is of sense forlorn: 

A sadder and a wiser man, 

He rose the morrow morn.

Let’s hope our “morrow morn” comes soon.


Insights from 60 Revolutions of the Sun

In my now sixty complete revolutions of the sun, I am struck by how much the world has changed and how little people have progressed.

We are a single race. The human race. Yet, one is hard-pressed to find examples of this.

We live at a time when access to information is at an all-time high and rationality at a depressing low. Instead of recognizing our differences as nothing more than window dressing, we isolate ourselves with those we share those shallow aspects and separate ourselves from those we see as different.

Why is it we fill our hearts with the irrationality of prejudice, the willful ignorance of others, instead of embracing the commonality of our nature?

Tolerance is something we demand for ourselves and deny to others. The surface differences that comprise such a small percentage of our being cloud the overwhelming similarities.

At a time when it would seem the very survival of our common race is at hand, we focus on promoting our differences instead of joining together to insure our survival.

The faiths of the world publicly espouse their common goal yet continue to teach the doctrines of difference.

Politicians play to the lowest common denominator of fear to further than own careers no matter the cost.

We resort to violence as a solution rather than recognizing violence is at the root of the issue. Violence is the tool to protect differences not people . What we need is the rationality of diplomacy and acceptance.

I can only hope that five hundred or a thousand years from now the descendants of the human race look back on the foolishness of this time as a product of ignorance and stupidity.

Much like we mock the ignorance of the Dark Ages or the image of Stone Age man cowering in his cave from the thunder and lightning of the gods, future humans will find a similar ignorance in the history of our time.

If there are any descendants to do so.  I can only hope we survive  to live up to our self-described moniker of Homo Sapiens.

With all the tools of destruction and our skills at killing our fellow humans over artificial differences, there may not be anyone left to attain such insight and maturity of character.