Just a Regular Mom?

I came upon a car here in Arizona (I know, who’d have thunk it possible) proudly bearing a sticker on the rear window (an SUV, of course) like this.

I wondered what exactly this “regular” mom was trying to accomplish.

She obviously did not want her children to learn,

Critical thinking.

Forming one’s own opinion.

Logic and analysis.

Ability to envision both sides of any issue.



Confidence in one’s ability to grasp complex issues.

Rationality over emotion.


Respect for opposing views.


Understanding of the meaning of compromise.

Broad perspectives.

Open and varied educational pursuits.

Contributing to progress rather than stasis and stagnation.

It struck me as both comical and tragic that someone would brag about being this close-minded and publicly announcing their intent to propagandize their children.

Isn’t a parent’s primary responsibility to instill a sense of both obligation to living a good life and an appreciation of the many perspectives held by others? To respect themselves as much as others? To earn respect and offer it to others?

I don’t think the intent announced by this bumper sticker counts as being a “regular” mom. It counts as being a propaganda machine for narrow-mindedness and intolerance. I only wish there were some way I could see into the future and read the bumper stickers on her children’s future cars…I bet they would be the unintended consequences of this “regular” mom’s best efforts.

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    • The short version is my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson decided to move here so it seemed logical for us all to come here and as a bonus, I hate snow and cold.

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