God, Guns, and Whiskey

First, before I get inundated with offended country music lovers defending the genre, I like country music. Bearing this caution in mind, there is a commonality within these songs: God, Guns, and Whiskey, which I find both amusing and troubling.

My wife up and left me out of the blue. 
Some rich guy with a new car, but I know what to do.
I got me a gun, and I got me a bottle
And my old John Deere's faster than any electric model.
And when I'm sitting in my trailer and sippin' my whiskey
I'll just pray to heaven for God to forgive me... forgive me... forgive me.

Now that I think about it, God, Guns, and Whiskey is an excellent name for a country song. It has all the hallmarks of an Academy of Country Music hit. Put that Bud Light right in their place.

While I can appreciate the sentimental value of these songs, this religious fascination with these elements is disconcerting.

I can understand one of them. I mean, who doesn’t like a nice whiskey occasionally? But mixing whiskey and ammunition is downright dangerous. Add in that third element, and you’re just begging for trouble.

There used to be a saying that you don’t discuss politics or religion. Perhaps we should return to those practices. You embrace your faith however you like. Vote for whatever candidate you prefer. And leave others to theirs.

You can still hold onto your god, guns, and whiskey. But keep them within your castle, not out hunting down ex-wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends, to be inclusive. Or, the most dangerous of the native predators in America, those who turn around in your driveway or ring a doorbell.

And after every election, you can go to church, the shooting range, or a bar and talk about things that matter… like whether you drink whiskey on the rocks or neat. Perhaps a country song is the best place for God, Guns, and Whiskey. Well, not whiskey, but a pretty strong argument can be made for the other two.

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  1. Joe B: In the music genre under discussion, check out “I Just Lived A Country Song” by Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis. Lots of common sense there.

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