DACA: Trump Upholds the Law and Fails the Spirit of America

President Trump’s decision to rescind support for DACA correctly recognizes immigration reform as a responsibility of Congress. Congress enacts laws, the President Trumpenforces those laws, and the Courts ensure the laws meet constitutional standards.

As much as I may disagree with the spirit of the decision, the President, no matter if I support or object to his politics, is not empowered to alter either the Constitution or the law.

If President Trump decided he would no longer enforce equal rights, we would berate him.

If President Trump decided he would no longer enforce fair labor law, we would chastise him.

If President Trump unilaterally decided he would not enforce any of the laws of the country to which he is charged with upholding, we would excoriate him.

Conversely, we should not expect or accept a President who creates or changes laws without Congressional action. What President Obama did with DACA was a temporary measure to address an injustice. Congress failed to act. Our focus should be on Congress to fix this.

While I agree DACA needs revision, Trump’s decision is political pandering at its worst. Even he recognizes the inertia paralyzing Congress. Thus, he can throw it back in their court and at the same time appease the significant number of bigoted jingoists that support him. He has about as much sympathy for Dreamers as he had for any tenants he foreclosed on in his real estate empire.

If the President harbors genuine sympathy for Dreamers, he would summon the leaders of Congress together and formulate a plan to make DACA irrelevant. He would help foster a change in immigration law that recognizes the travesty of visiting the crimes of the parents on innocent children.

Despite claims to the contrary by the simpletons who embrace these lies, Mohammed the neurologist is not trying to take Billy Bob’s job at Seven-Eleven.

Dream on that this Congress, or President, will ever put the needy before their own political survival.

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