Echoing History: The Trump Way

“…Whoever disturbs this mission is the enemy of the people, whether he pursues his aim as a Bolshevist democrat, a revolutionary terrorist, or a reactionary dreamer. In such a time of necessity those who act in the name of God are not those who, citing Bible quotations, wander idly about the country and spend the day partly doing nothing and partly criticizing the work of others; but those whose prayers take the highest form of uniting man with his God, that is, the form of work…”

“The value of every wage and salary corresponds to the volume of goods produced as a result of the work performed. This is a very unpopular doctrine in a time resounding with cries such as “higher wages and less work…”

It would seem Donald Trump has the facts of history on his side. These words reflect his philosophy and policies he embraces. The tenor is similar, the ideas consistent, the intent clear. Trump, like the original speaker of these words, promises to make his country great again.

The only question remaining is, like Germany when Adolf Hitler spoke these words, will we blindly plunge this country down the same path in pursuit of a false dream.


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