A Baby, A Child, A Woman, A Bride: Life and Coming Full Circle

The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time…

                                                                                  James Taylor

In a few short weeks, I will bear a new title. Father of the bride. Just the thought of it can bring both tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.

Kelsey’s first look at me was as I said her name minutes after she was born. She opened her eyes and reduced me to tears.

A smiling, terrified, joyful, blubbering mess.

Our daughter, Kelsey Broadmeadow, just a short time ago an infant in our arms.

It seemed twenty minutes later, she was heading off to school. Now my wife was in tears.

Our little girl was growing up.

High school lasted fifteen minutes. College, five. And Law School was over in a moment.

Yes, she is a lawyer. I never said she was perfect.

Now, the ultimate life changing event.

Our little girl is to become a bride.

There is a tradition of giving away your daughter in marriage. I cannot understand how I could be expected to give away a piece of my heart.

She was never mine to give away.

My job was to enjoy the privilege of watching her grow into the person she has become.

From those first moments, after she entered this world, my job was to hold onto her. Knowing the time to let her go would come all too soon.

Letting her choose her own path. I hope we have lived up to our promise.

She has made her choice. I can only hope he knows how lucky he is.

Who knows what the future may hold for her and her husband? I hope they have the same opportunity to feel those tears, to wear that smile, and to experience life as it continues the cycle.

It has been the greatest thing having her as part of our life. Now we have the opportunity to celebrate as she begins a new chapter of hers.

If James Taylor is right, if that is indeed the secret to life, I have enjoyed every moment. I just wish they would not have passed by so fast.

The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time….

This father of the bride could not have wished for a better life or a more incredible daughter.

Try not to try too hard, it’s just a lovely ride.

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  1. Nice post, Joe. Straight from the heart and something I can relate to, having a daughter 28 and a son 25. Neither is married yet but it’s happening to friends all around them. I’ll bet you next big enjoyment of time passage is grandchildren.

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