American Divine Right: Fallacy of a Presumptive Nominee

The latest headline of the trend-driven media proclaims Clinton as the presumptive nominee. Her delegate totals, if one includes super delegates, puts her over the threshold for the nomination.

But if there is one truth in politics, it is that when someone says they are committed to a certain course of action it means for the moment.  Between now and the Democratic convention on July 25th (coincidentally my birthday and only good things can happen on that date) there are many moments for new commitments to arise.

One cannot ignore the rising tide of popular votes sustaining Bernie Sanders. One cannot ignore the increasingly dangerous prospect of the anti-Clinton movement propelling Trump into the Presidency (and, I fear, America into an abyss.) One cannot ignore the clamoring for a stop to this American version of Divine Right determined by party insiders and political supplicants.

Those of us outside the inner sanctum of party politics want our voices heard. Those on the inside, while pantomiming statements that say they support this new paradigm, are more interested in protecting what they see as their moment.

As I said in the beginning, moments change. Clinton does not have the number of delegates to secure the election. She has 300 more delegates than Sanders. Super delegates do not count until their vote is cast.

Much can happen between now and then. We can hope that enough super delegates will listen to the voices of millions of Americans, weigh the chances of their two candidates against Trump, and vote their conscience not their self-interests.

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