A Kim Davisian America

Let us take the position of Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk of Courts, to its logical conclusion. (I wonder if this is a revival of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in?)

What would this mean for America, should she be permitted to refuse to perform her civil job function based on personal beliefs?

Imagine the future…

The Police

Dispatch: Unit 21 respond to a reported robbery at 1 Gay Lane.

Unit 21: No can do, gay couple living there in sinful violation of the Holy Book. I cannot in good conscience assist in this abomination

Dispatch: Any available unit of a non-judgmental nature available to assist?


Unit 21: I think the one gay officer we were forced to hire, against the Chief’s long held beliefs and the Bible, is working tomorrow. I will not assist him in any way and refuse to work alongside him. Have them call back then.


Dispatch: Engine 1 Ladder 2 respond to a reported fire 1 Rabinowitz lane.

Engine 1: No can do, all Christian crew and that location is a synagogue. They killed Jesus. I think Engine 5 has some Jews aboard, call them

Engine 5: Yes, but we are Orthodox and it is the Sabbath, cannot work today. Tell them to call back.


Hello, my name is Joe and I’ll be your server today. Before I can release our menu to you, please answer the following questions;

  1. Do you support abortion?
  2. Do you believe in same-sex marriage?
  3. Do you support the separation of Church and State?

 If you answer yes to any of these questions, please leave. My beliefs do not allow me to serve you. We don’t cater to heathens.

 I cannot understand why this is such a difficult concept. If a person feels so strongly about their personal beliefs, do not accept a position which requires adherence to civil law.

One cannot refuse to perform a job function because they disagree with the law; to do otherwise would be chaos.

How Davis chooses to hold her beliefs and profess them is of no concern to anyone. We can disagree, mock, or support them. However, no one can demand or impose his or her personal religious beliefs on anyone else through a position held under civil authority. (No matter how much she credits Jesus for blessing her election.)

If she wants to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples, go work for a religious organization. Plenty support her nonsensical beliefs and hypocrisy.

She is just another nut-case cherry-picking Bible quotes to suit her current beliefs and expecting the Government to support them.

We have already devoted too much time to her. She is in jail; the law has prevailed. Time to move on.

Unless we are smoted (if that is a word) and the world does end at the hands of the offended divine (but loving) god of the book she fervently holds dear.

Meanwhile, let us hope she is enjoying her martyrdom. Perhaps she will be out in time to celebrate the anniversary of some of the Same-sex marriages happening over the next few days in Kentucky.

I suggest she be released for the Golden Jubilee Celebration.

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