Is there anything better than…?

(Feel free to send me things to add to the list. I’ll update as they come in. Might be interesting to see the things we find important)

First sip of coffee in the morning.

Walking in  warm summer shower.

The first smile of your newborn child.

Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Fluff sandwiches.

First time driving alone.

A walk along a deserted beach.

The sound of the Ice Cream truck bell as it drives down your street on a hot summer day.

The ride home on the school bus on the last day of school before vacation.

“No school” over the radio (Salty Bryant where have you gone?)

Old friends.

A puppy.

Picking out shapes in the clouds.

Fresh cut grass.

A first love.

The first feeling of a warm sun on your face after a long winter.

Knowing the lyrics to a song you haven’t heard in years.

Recalling each of these moments invokes powerful memories. Holding onto these memories makes me appreciate what I have and where I have been. Looking forward to sharing more of these moments gives one hope.

Hold onto the memories, look forward to the future, but live for today’s moments.  They are all one really has.

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