The Latest Reality Show

The newest entry into the “Reality” show market, on the Discovery Channel of all places, is “Naked and Alone”.

The premise of the show is two “strangers” are deposited, naked (the bait) and alone (the teaser) in some “remote” location.

Now from a marketing perspective ‘Naked’ always wins.

Guys will flock to the channel on the mere potential for naked, hot women.

What else could it be for a ‘Reality’ show, (at the risk of being politically incorrect), Naked Fat Chicks or Naked Guys with 38DD Man Boobs?

And not to leave women off the hook, they want their fair share of Naked Hot Guys to fantasize about.

Hmm, perhaps that’s why they close their eyes when engaged in the expected sexual duty with Naked Fat Husband/Boyfriend Guy.

How’s that work for your ego, Lover Boy? Moans are easy to fake.

“Alone” is the tease, and a lie.

They are not alone.

The Hot Naked Guy/Girl is with a matching Hot Naked Girl/Guy (or perhaps a more synchronized set).

There is no reality here.

Something obvious ruins the “alone” aspect.

Know what that is?


At a minimum there’s three people there.

Two naked and one clothed.

Unless, of course, there’s a provision in the ‘Reality Show of Strange and Exotic Places to Video Naked People Cameramen’s Union’ contract that calls for overtime/double time for a naked cameramen.

(I have a friend that could craft such a contract!)

I suspect there must be a reason the Discovery Channel chose to do this series.

Oh yeah, MONEY.

Good for all included.

There’s the Senior Union Professional Cameramen’s member who get’s to yell “Cue the Venomous Giant snake!”

Then there’s the Junior Union Professional Cameramen’s Assistant who lets go of the GIANT FRIGGING SNAKE, and leaves, quickly running, and returns to college.

In all these reality shows, Naked Alone Starving with a three times convicted Homicidal Rapist with Cannibalistic Tendencies (at least he, or she. can cook), the greatest lie is that this is even close to real.

The part the troubles me is, why do people watch any “Reality” show that portrays itself as some dramatic, life or death struggle of man (in the most generic sense) against nature, hoarding, food, or whatever that is ON TV!

What the hell is real about that?

I think we should have a new syndrome, covered by disability insurance of course, for addiction to these shows.

We can call it Kardashianitis Moronicitis.

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