Nothing Else Need be Said

I watched a family walking into a restaurant the other day.

No psychic ability required to see them as they were, Father, Mother, two boys maybe 8 and 10.

Mom leading the way.

She opens the door.

The two boys follow, engrossed on their gameboys, iPad minis, some such device.

Don’t even look up at Mom.

Its expected.

Followed by Dad, texting on the iPhone, right through the door, held open by his wife, without so much as a thank you.

Mom, the only one with a shred of decency, remained holding the door for an older couple, the man using a cane, the wife guiding him.

The cane supported gentleman tried to take over the door holding responsibilty.

The Mom shook her head and sent them into the restaurant.

And we wonder what’s wrong with this country.

Just look around!

2 thoughts on “Nothing Else Need be Said

  1. Oops. My heart says thank you Mom, but my conscience says, what are you teaching your children. Boys and girls for that matter, need someone to guide them, teach them, instruct them. So another question enters my thoughts…..if we love our children so much, why do we allow such behavior. Life is busy and even overwhelming at times but being a parent is a vocation not a career. Your blog is truly thought provoking. Thank you Joe Broadmeadow.

    1. I do not know if anyone will ever read my book, or if anyone else will ever read anything I write.

      But I am gratified that you take the time to read my writings. And that is more than I could ever hope for

      Thank you

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