I’m Warning You…Charlie Brown!

If there was any doubt that the world is headed into oblivion, this should erase it. If there was any doubt the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were on their way, or at least saddling up their horses for the ride to Armageddon, this should eliminate all doubt.

This was so troubling I couldn’t even bring myself to write about it when I saw it. I didn’t want to extinguish the few remaining embers of the Christmas spirit left in the world.

In a year that saw the rise of a Pandemic we knew how to control but refused to adhere to even a vestige of scientific rationality.

In a year that saw what many hoped was the last of a debacle begun in January 2017.

In a year where a significant number of Americans drank the Kool-Aid of a deranged delusion plunging us back into acting like Dark Age peasants quaking at the sight of an eclipse out of ignorance and maniacal fallacies.

We now must face the reality of just how much we have regressed into the anarchy of idiocy.

What, pray tell, drove me to this despair and hopelessness of our situation you ask?

It was this.

As I am wont to do each year, I watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I have watched it every year since it first premiered all those years ago in the days of three channels, on a broadcast schedule that required you to plan and, at least for the first few years, in black & white.

This year technology, of which I am a big fan, forced me to download the video. As I sat down to watch it, looking forward to the music of Vince Guaraldi, Linus’s speech about the meaning of Christmas, Snoopy embracing the commercialism of the season, and all the other elements I’ve come to hold dear, I was shocked by something that appeared on the screen during the initial scene of snow falling.

A Warning on Charlie Brown’s Christmas

In the upper left-hand corner there appeared a warning. A viewer discretion warning telling me this show, this icon of 1960’s television, this sacred reminder of a simpler, less complicated world, contained VIOLENCE AND FOUL LANGUAGE.

I was stunned. I was shocked. I was astounded. VIOLENCE AND FOUL LANGUAGE in Charlie Brown’s Christmas and I needed to be warned.

All these years I never knew I was being pummeled by VIOLENCE AND FOUL LANGUAGE every time I watched Charlie Brown. For fifty-five years everything wrong I have ever done is likely because I never knew I was being exposed to VIOLENCE AND FOUL LANGUAGE in Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

It explains much.

I will now go wait outside for the Four Horsemen for surely the end is nigh upon us. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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