Sex for Sale, Who’s Buying?

One of the news headlines out of Providence the other day was a story about a police raid at a brothel. Such raids are a rarity and the word caught my eye. Brothel is such an interesting word. Thought to be of Germanic origin meaning a ramshackle structure that harbors prostitutes.

It got me thinking about what sort of men, for it is invariably men who are the paying customers, avail themselves of such services.

I looked to the oracle of the modern world, Google, for information on the demographics of the typical brothel customer.

There was no single socioeconomic indicator.

Nor racial, ethnic, or religious similarities.

No single factor in common among those arrested for frequenting prostitutes.

But I knew human nature shares a commonality, there must be something that such “pay to play” individuals shared.

With a little creative data analysis, in-depth information sorting, and thorough check and cross-checking of sources I found the answer.

The one common element present in each customer of this and all American Brothels.

They were all Red Sox Fans.

I am still working on the data on the “sex workers.”  I’ll post that when I finish my analysis. But I have my suspicions…

Something to Look Forward to!


As you should all be aware by now (if not pay attention here), Kent Harrop and I co-write a weekly blog called “TheHereticandtheHolyman.” If you have not read it yet, please do.

There will be a quiz.

(As a sideline, occasionally I see an intriguing question on-line. This was on some sort of a sign, “If Quizzes are Quizzical, what are Tests?”)

Excuse the mind detour, back to the subject at hand. Hey, ice cream…

We explore various topics about “Life, the Universe, and Everything” from our different perspectives. Since Kent IS a Red Sox fan, I do try to use small words but the message does get across.

One of us usually writes on a topic and sends it to the other for his response. We then post it on Friday.

This week we are going to do something a little different. This week will be a blind response to the other’s position.

Kent proposed a great topic. Here is how he so well expressed the idea.

How about we write about Heaven and Hell (do they exist) and is Joe going to a warm place (and I don’t mean Aruba)?!”

The sentiment alone brought warmth to the cold winter day as I read it.

So check back this Friday, see if there is a Heaven and a Hell. See if one of them looms in my future. I am sure some of you think I deserve it just for being a Yankees fan!

Put it on your calendar, set a reminder, tell all your friends to join in, express your thoughts about where I am going and if I deserve it. This might prove interesting.