Generic Post about the Recent Shooting on to be determined (TBD)

In order to conserve precious energy and not waste another moment of my limited time on this planet, I am posting this generic piece in regards to the latest mass shooting at TBD on TBD that killed TBD many people and wounded TBD many people.

The mark of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So after the incident TBD we can look forward to the usual insanity…

Demand for more gun control!

Demand to leave the Second Amendment Inviolate!

Prayer for the victims (upon review all the previous prayers for the previous victims resulted in not one coming back from the dead or, this goes without saying, preventing this latest incident on TBD at TBD.)

Numerous politicians expressed great regret for the latest event and then immediately sent out fund raising requests proudly stating their

  1. Support of the Second Amendment or
  2. Support for a Weapons Ban or
  3. Support for Prayer in School (since it has shown to be so effective) or
  4. A list of things that have nothing to do with violence.

News organizations will devote several days where they report “We have breaking news on the mass shooting in TBD on TBD” then repeat everything they said over the last several days.

Retired law enforcement experts will appear on the media, offer their thoughts on how to solve the problem (hint it will involve 1. Stronger enforcement or 2. Mental Health services) then remove the one tie they kept for such appearances, go back to their backyard pool or rocking chair, and reply to all their friends who compliment them on Facebook about their fifteen minutes of fame.

The NRA will also send out another round of fundraising requests to protect our precious rights. Maybe they should just post a little blurb beneath the news broadcasts “This shooting sponsored by the NRA, while we abhor the innocent deaths we are unwilling compromise.”

Repeat when necessary. (And it will be necessary.)

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