The Day After Christmas: Part VII

“I think I have this one figured out,” Emily said.
“And what have you learned here?” Emma asked.
“That having a good friend, a genuine friend who is with you through everything that happens in life, is a key to a good life. And friends are a big part of the Christmas Spirit. In other words, It’s better to have one true friend than hundreds of pretend ones.”
Emma smiled. “Once again, simple as that.” Pointing toward the sleigh, she added, “Next.”

From The Day After Christmas: Part VI

Part VII: Challenges

Emily snuggled up against Emma as the sleigh rose into the sky. It’s not that she was cold, it just that Emma made her feel safe. As they made their way to the next stop, Emily thought about what they’d learned so far.

“Emma, can I ask you something?”

“Of course, dear. What is it?”

“Do you think I may look at things the wrong way?”

“What do you mean, dear?”

“Well, in all the places we’ve been, the things that help grow the Christmas Spirit were just so simple. Maybe I’m missing something in the way we analyze these things.”

“Let’s see what else we find, and then we can talk about it more.” Emma pointed to the skyline of Manhattan. “That is one of Santa’s favorite sights. And I’m sure we’ll find something special here.”

The sleigh made its gentle descent into the city, coming to a stop outside a school. The sign read, Watson Institute for Education.

As Emma and Emily made their way up the ramp to the door and then inside the building, something occurred to them. There were no stairs, and all the door handles were lower than normal.

“What kind of school is this?” Emily asked.

Just then, a bell rang. “I think we are about to find out.”

Soon the hallways filled with all manner of motorized wheelchairs. Kids of all ages navigated the hallway, heading to what appeared to be a large auditorium.

Emma and Emily followed.

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As the crowd settled in, several students took to the stage, one took the lead.

“Hi everyone, and thanks for coming. As you know, every year we vote to select a new charity for our annual fundraiser. This year, we’ve selected St. Ambrose Hospital.

“If you check your email, you’ll see your assignments for the various events. It’s important we all make our best efforts to insure the success. I’m sure you all know we raised over $100,000 dollars for last year’s charity and our goal this year is $125,000.

“I know with your help we can do it.”

At that, the audience burst into applause, nodding of heads, or just wide smiles.

Emily looked at Emma. “Can you believe they’re organizing a charity? That’s amazing.”

“Not really amazing, Emily. It’s just another of those lessons in life. Our challenges do not define us, but how we face them does.”

Emily nodded. “I’m learning, I have much to learn.”

Emma laughed and pointed toward the door. “Come on, dear. We have places to go and things to see.”

Part VIII: Need in the Midst of Abundance

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