‘Twas: A Christmas Mystery Part XII

And here continues the Christmas Saga of 2020. Like the days of yore when newspapers published anxiously anticipated serialized stories, here is my annual version, Hidden within the words is a secret message. Find the secret and send an email to me at joe.broadmeadow@hotmail.com with the subject line, MAGIC. First five to discover the secret wins a copy of every book I publish this year.

This story is as old as the legend of St. Nicholas, handed down over years and years. Told to Christmas Elves as they rested from their work, there is magic within if you’ve the heart and eyes to see it.

But don’t look for it, feel it in your heart. Speak the words to learn the secret

Part XII

Out of where a demon once stood, now an elf much like me stood. Of how I knew to say those words and bring him forth, to this day I do not know. Sight of my two brothers, one older and one my long missing twin, now lit the cave with joy and light.

Happy to have saved the two, we headed out to the sleigh, led by Jedidiah.

Christmas is but a few weeks away,” Jedidiah said, “and we need get back.”

To the cottage we flew, reuniting the family. All the Moore family now back as it should be, plus I now knew my name and while evil had once stolen my brothers, we were once again reunited as a family.

And I and Jedidiah flew back to Christmas town.

And to all a good night!

To say they were happy on our return is an understatement. All gathered round to welcome us, listening as I told our tale of finding my family, how they protected me by sending me to Christmas Town until I could return, and how I saved my two brothers from the darkness.

A wonderful Christmas we had that year because the wolf who’d guarded my family all those years came back with me, and I took the next few days after the holidays to write this all down. Good as it gets. Night to remember, one I will never forget!


This story was passed on to me and I pass it on to you. Within these lines are hidden the original words of those who first told this tale. A tale of Christmases that were, the Christmas of today, and all the Christmases yet to be…

Merry Christmas,

The elvish son of C. Clark Moore.

Reread the whole story on Christmas Eve!

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