UnMade: Honor Loyalty Redemption

By Bobby Walason and Joe Broadmeadow

The story so far on my latest book

Joe Broadmeadow retired with the rank of captain after 20 years with the East Providence (RI) police department and on special assignments to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and FBI.

Broadmeadow possesses a great understanding of crime, criminality, and the courts and uses this knowledge well in his writing.  He has written two fictional crime thrillers, Collision Course and Silenced Justice, featuring East Providence Police Lt. Josh Williams, and a historical legal thriller, A Change of Hate, about a Vietnam vet and retired Green Beret- turned-lawyer.

Bobby Walason is a successful businessperson and entrepreneur living in Florida and Rhode Island.

In 2016, the producers of Crimetown (Season 1) convinced Bobby to tell his story. His character became one of the most popular on the enormously successful podcast.

Urged to tell the whole story of his remarkable life; living on the streets by age 12, an enforcer for the mob, escaping the wiseguy life and living to tell the story, Bobby worked with Joe Broadmeadow to write, UnMade: Honor Loyalty Redemption. It is the culmination of a story years in the making.

UnMade: Honor Loyalty Redemption, casts a light onto the flow of a dark and authentic side of American society, a look at the forces that play havoc with the lives that go adrift on the streets of all our cities.

Book Summary

Bobby Walason lived a childhood no one should ever endure. Forced out on his own at age twelve, he survived on the street. Although “survived” is a stretch.  

At 16, the second youngest person ever sentenced to the ACI, Rhode Island’s notorious adult prison, Bobby must survive in a world of predators and prey. He does more than survive, he thrives building a fierce reputation.

This reputation drew the attention of the wiseguys.

Rising in the ranks as an enforcer for a notorious Mob Captain, Bobby realizes the hopelessness of his situation. He devises a way out that does not include prison, witness protection, or dying.

An attempted hit lands him in the hospital with a horrendous wound from a 9mm.

Before the gunman left Bobby to die, he put the gun to Bobby’s head and pulled the trigger–twice–and the gun misfired. Bobby survived, more determined than ever to escape “the life.”

Turning his work ethic and determination to legitimate businesses, Bobby rebuilt his life from the ground up, met the woman of his dreams, and became a successful businessman.

This is a story one will not soon forget.

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