2 thoughts on “Why America Can’t Effectively Control Guns

  1. I have never understood why there were restrictions on studying this issue. The slaughter is horrific, but the mindless defense of guns over kids’ lives is …I really have no words. So much of that comes from people who claim to be pro life. In my opinion NRA has become a terrorist organization that funnels $ and sells deathr


  2. I have no issue with people owning weapons (within reason), but I do not understand the willful ignorance of people to the reality of having a gun or the terrible effect on a human who kills another. Having been a police officer, and seen violent death many times, the callous attitude of most to this fact is tragic. They proclaim they are ready and willing to kill another human without understanding that such an act, no matter the “justification” of the circumstances, comes with a significant cost.
    It would seem to me, just like understanding the side effects of medication, we should try to measure the relative protections of gun ownership against the risk to the individual and to society


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