Fake News: Terrorizing America

The fake news keeps coming. Mexico and the Boy Scouts are lying

The Writing of Joe Broadmeadow

There’s a new boogie man in America, fake news. Listening to the rumble and rancor, fake news is either a scourge threatening our very survival or something worse.

Like sheep being fed our own manure, we wallow in ignorance hoping someone else points out the problem.

Fake news is the Anti-Christ and we need to find a way to defeat the dark one.

We do not want to give up our Candysmushed, JPEGged, Youtubed, hashtagged, emoji laden online party where anyone can pretend to be profound, tough, and brilliant.

It is our place where all share their latest ailments, McLunches, or rage against the unfairness of love. Facebook is sacred and all that is holy. It is the glue that binds society. Google is the god of all knowledge. The modern Oracle of Delphi.

The information highway is littered with fatalities of folly.

Do not suggest we educate ourselves or…

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